10 Web strategies to skyrocket your sales conversions

increase your sales conversions

Successful Internet marketers know that trust and rapport create revenue. Shoppers surf the Worldwide Web looking for someone to trust. Your website is an ideal tool for building trust and rapport with customers.

I will show you how to take full advantage of the Web to connect with prospects and establish long-term relationships with buyers. These 10 strategies and tools can be used with all products and services to maximize the sales potential of your Internet business.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn:

    1. Four things your website must do
    2. How to take advantage of affiliate programs
    3. How to get the most out of email
    4. When to offer free evaluations and bonuses
    5. How to add audio and video to your website
    6. Why you need to start blogging
    7. How to use eCovers and graphics on your sales page
    8. The benefits of upselling and downselling
    9. How to get the most out of testimonials and endorsements
    10. How to create customer evangelists

Remember: It’s all about trust. Your website and sales letters must build trust with potential customers. A website that looks professional will inspire trust.

Your Web copy has to convince visitors not only to buy something from you, but to give you their credit card information as well. If your sales copy, design, or layout causes visitors to doubt your professionalism or expertise, they will take their business to another website.


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