How to get the most out of testimonials and endorsements


Compared to what the customer has to say, your words aren’t as important as you think they are. Be sure to add audio and video testimonials to your website. It’s crucial to put in place a feedback loop for gathering information.

Take the time to understand why you won a customer. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of testimonials and endorsements:

  • Seek out endorsers who are willing to promote your product or service to their customers. Email allows this to be done smoothly and with no upfront costs.
  • Collaborate with other experts in your field. Identify people in your industry or business whose customers are perfect prospects for your product or service. Co-write a special report or co-sponsor an Internet show with other experts.
  • Ask vendors and customers for referrals. One of your vendors may have customers that are ideal prospects for your business.
  • Use Tell-A-Friend viral tools. Approach your customers with a Tell-A-Friend campaign to drive their contacts to buy your product.

The Internet makes Tell-A-Friend campaigns fast and easy. A customer only needs to enter email addresses on a form page. It takes just a few seconds for a satisfied customer to tell friends about your product or service.

Think of “viral marketing” as word of mouth that spreads on the Worldwide Web, or as mainstream networking on the Internet. The goal is to get contacts to tell people about your site.

When visitors feel they’ve benefited from using your website or product, they’ll be happy to spread the word to friends and co-workers. By providing a “Tell-A-Friend” link on your website, visitors can contribute to your viral marketing by simply filling in the names and email addresses of contacts.


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