How to use eCovers and graphics on your sales page

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Line after line of unbroken text is hard to read on a computer screen. Graphic images break up long blocks of text into sections that are easier to read. Well-chosen graphics engage readers’ attention while giving their eyes a chance to rest.

Graphics must look great and say something at the same time. ECovers are the ideal tool for accomplishing the two goals of graphic design. An attractively designed eCover adds value to your product and keeps the reader focused on your sales page.

You can also display logos of well-known clients, professional associations, or other credentials that establish credibility and help to build a bond of trust with customers.

 Keep these tips in mind when adding graphics to your sales page:

  • Keep graphics to a minimum: Every page on your website must load in two seconds or less. A graphic image may look great, but if it doesn’t make sense as part of the sales process, get rid of it.
  • ECovers should be visible in the first screen view: Don’t expect visitors to scroll down the page to find out what you’re selling.
  • Give your sales page a test drive: Test your site from different terminals—with different speeds of Internet connections—to make sure every page downloads smoothly.

If your web pages take more than two seconds to download when you test your site, your server won’t be able to handle the amount of traffic you hope to drive to your sales page. Cut down on your graphics to keep your site lean and mean.

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